#Simple2Go 15: The machine man as god - The Human Measure

"The Human measure" was the prelude to our cultural finale. 
The program text was puzzling. The spoken text was English. But the visual language was strong enough.

A group of people dressed in white celebrated the new god, a machine man. They solemnly carried him on a board across the square of the Old Fire Station. This was reminiscent of revived natural religions.

Then they put the actor, dressed in black and metal, on the catwalk. He began to walk slowly. A longing person he embraced. The movements of other people he imitated.

I thought of the doll Olimpia from E.T.A. Hoffmann's "Sandman". Then it happened: The god trembled and struggled. But it was no use at all. He collapsed and froze.

The previously so cheerful community sang a lamentation like in the Jewish-Christian lamentations from Babel. They tore apart the catwalk of the god. But they were too weak. They fell down, buried under the components.

But one woman made a start. She got up again. At the end we danced together the community of the different and walked in a procession to the cultural finale at Ebertplatz. No Mad Pride as usual, but much better!

Some said afterwards: In socialism, the community becomes the new deity. But I think the deity was recognized as an independent living being. It does not do what we expect it to do on demand.

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