Sommerblut 2022 - In a nutshell

During two lively weeks in May, more than 7,000 visitors, 17 exciting productions and guest appearances, 63 performances at 13 different venues and endless passion marked this year's Sommerblut cultural festival. 
After the isolation of the pandemic years, it was wonderful not only to once again create and experience culture together, but also to once again have Cologne as our stage -  in all its facets, full of life and love.

Sommerblut was colourful, queer, loud, quiet, brutally empathetic and radically loving!

We created a queer utopia in Cologne's most famous men's sauna, celebrated a colourful and loud opening at Schauspiel Köln with a guest dance performance from Madeira and music by Keshavara from Cologne. We were guests in the Stadtgarten, on Wiener Platz and in the parks of Äußerer Grüngürtel. With Ukrainian artists, we brought the 2022 festival edition to a close on Ebertplatz and were pleased to welcome guests from all over Europe. It was all about challenging issues and rethinking the big question: How do we want to live? Communal, sustainable and barrier-free.

We are grateful for all the visitors, artists and helpers, in front of as well as behind the stage, and the joy of joint culture that we were able to share with all of you.

We look forward to next year with you!

Your Sommerblut Team