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#Simple2Go 3: Artists in War

Our blogger Arne writes about the project Artist in War of the Jam Factory Art Center from Lviv.

#Simple2Go 1: What is the Sommerblut Culture Festival?

Experts say: "The Sommerblut Kulturfestival is a diverse, inclusive, multipolar cultural festival from Cologne".Does that make your eyes roll? What does that actually mean?

#Simple2Go 6: The Happy Island - Sommerblut premiers at Schauspiel Köln

The Summer Blood Cultural Festival 2022 celebrates its opening with Happy Island at Schauspiel Köln. Arne tells you why inclusive art belongs on stage and at Schauspiel Köln.

#Simply2Go 2: Make it new!

Everything is new in May. That's why we've prepared ourselves for a new season: Make it new!

Simple2Go 4: #Simple2Backstage - Why do we gender?

Why do we write a colon and the feminine ending?Here you can find out the why and the wherefore. All compiled by Arne for you and us.

#Simple2Go 5: #Simple2Backstage - Nico Randel's white doves for peace

Nico Randel is an actor and artist at Kunsthaus KAT18. 24 artists with disabilities are working there. Nico has made 100 peace doves. He presented them at the Sommerblut press conference.